It seems like it should be easy to downsize as we get older, so that our lives are easier and our path lighter.  As much sense as it seems to make, few choose to make this move until it is dictated by life's circumstances and no longer a choice we make willingly.  When we wait for the crisis to make our decision for us, we lose the power and the choices that a proactive decision may offer if done in advance.  At KC Living Solutions, we subscribe to the words of wisdom of the ancient Chinese philosopher,Lao Tzu, when he stated, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

If you were going to start your downsizing journey today, what is the one thing you could do to start the process in this moment?  In the ancient Japanese philosophy, Kaizen, meaning small change, we may find an answer right now in how to conquer what seems an insurmountable undertaking.  Supported by current research of how our brain works, this ancient practice has withstood the test of time to changing behavior in a more successful and less stressful way.

Let’s apply this practice of small steps, the spirit of Kaizen, to the idea of downsizing.  First, we want to remember that little steps reap many rewards.  Breaking down everything into small steps makes it easier, and we will be encouraged to keep going because it is easier than we thought. Break each day into one small goal that will help you achieve your big goal, like decluttering the house.  Start by going through one drawer or one shelf in a cabinet.  If you always seem to find excuses, just commit to something like getting rid of five things a day.  Eventually, as you bypass your brain's tendency to resist change, you will be carting out bags of unwanted items to donate.  As your environment becomes more manageable and you experience the rewards of achieving your small goals, you will be motivated to move to other small steps in other areas that need attention.  Soon you will be looking forward to choosing a new place to call home and your stress level will have been minimized through the entire process.  

This method works for just about everything you want to change in your life.  What a great way to practice on your new life by starting with the goal of a new place to live that fits your current lifestyle.  When you reap the rewards of commitment and consistency in small goals to get things done, anything is possible to change in your life.  What other changes would you like to make?  How about starting your new you by changing your environment.  We believe you will be glad you did.  Let us know how we can help.